23 yrs old
vodka enthusiast
seattle, wa

contact - theultimateaddiction@ymail.com
just wanted to say hi and im sorta back.
new year new gal

completely forget to wish yall a happy 2017!
im all moved into my new spot in Seattle and feeling more inspired than ever.
be on the look out for new photography work and youtube videos
(if you guys even bother to watch me and are subscribed).

merry crimbo

cant believe its already christmas, i just wanted to wish all my lovelies a Merry merry christmas!

new chapter of my life

ive decided that ive had all my fun in San Francisco and that its time for a new adventure. in a couple weeks ill be moving to a brand new city, with brand new people and most importantly, brand new opportunities. im going to be moving to seattle, yes correct, greys anatomy city and i cannot wait.
craving right now.
men suck

tell me why all n*ggas be the fucking same. stop playing games. if you feeling her, text her.
feeling uh 23?

I guess taylor swift doesnt have the right lyrics for me this year but miley does…waitress ask me how many bottles? I say 23. yup im feeling old af.
july playlist

I wanna start giving you guys a little glimps of the music im into each month, let me know if i should keep doing it by liking this post! Also, im constantly updating new music on my soundcloud if you guys wanna check it.

One Dance (Cover) - Mic Lowey
Up - Nav
Sunshine - Tom Misch
Locations - Khalid
Grass Aint Greener - Chris Brown
Neva CHange - Schoolboy Q ft. SZA
All Eyez - The Game Ft. Jeremih
My PYT - Wale
thank you again

weve just hit another thousand, thank you so much my little addicts! i cant belive it you guys are growing so fast :)
  -  10 July
rest in peace

descansar en paz, eu te amo vóvó.

rest in peace grandpa, i love you.

June 29, 2016

I appreciate all my new followers so much! the numbers just constantly keep going up, thank you!!!

feel free to message me if there are specific content yall wanna see.