23 yrs old
vodka enthusiast
seattle, wa

contact - theultimateaddiction@ymail.com
feeling uh 23?

I guess taylor swift doesnt have the right lyrics for me this year but miley does…waitress ask me how many bottles? I say 23. yup im feeling old af.
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In 3 months I’ll be living on my own in the great city of San Francisco. This is my first self-portrait as a high school graduate and a future college student. I’m nervous yet excited to start my journey. You...

Happy 18th birthday my love !
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previous photo shoot series with the lovely Karina
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I haven’t uploaded in a couple months so I thought why not upload a photo of my little baby brother. Although, he’s not so little anymore as this picture was taken during his 3rd birthday bash! He’s growing up...

I had an amazing night, probably the best birthday ever! Thank you for everyone who came out.

I love you all! :)
an old photo shoot i did with Karina!
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